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January 2024 Brief

Hi , welcome to this packed cannabis brief! We discuss the global reckoning with the failures of prohibition, including cannabis rescheduling in the US, decriminalisation in the Czech Republic, and industry petitions to tweak regulations in Israel, Germany, Canada, the UK and Uruguay. Australia has been the focus of new international trade agreements in the first month of 2024, as sector grows 60% year-on-year and domestic producers...

December 2023 Brief

Hi , welcome to your first cannabis brief of 2024. We discuss the launch of the recreational experiment in the Netherlands, cannabis rescheduling in the US, medical legalisation in Ukraine and Spain, as well as regulatory changes in Canada, France, Israel and Germany. December has been a slow month on the commercial front. However, both industry and regulators have published interesting data on the Australian, German, Israeli and UK markets pointing to areas of...

November 2023 Brief

Dear reader, welcome to your monthly cannabis brief. We discuss the Netherlands getting ready to launch the supply chain experiment in December, German legalisation delays and draft changes, Japan and Canada approving pharmaceutical cannabis products, and US rescheduling debates. Australian, UK and Brazilian medical markets remain highly dynamic with new entries, Germany, Portugal, Israel and Australia publish import/export data, while...

October 2023 Brief

We discuss effects of the war in the Israeli market, UK CBD regulatory changes, the future of the French medical scheme, and the legislative process in Germany. Canada celebrates 5 years of legalisation amidst sector consolidation, while momentum in the Australian and UK medical markets perseveres, and the Dutch recreational experiment readies for launch later this year. Studies on the 'entourage effect' support greater effects of full-spectrum cannabis and highlight that aroma is influenced...