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International Market Activity Heats Up with Summer — June 2024 Brief

We are delighted to welcome you to June's cannabis brief. As always, we expect that you can derive valuable insights from our compilation of global news. June has seen an explosion of activity in markets like Germany and the UK, as companies hurry to close agreements ahead of Summer. Consolidation in mature US states like California and Colorado coexists with growth...

May 2024 Brief

We are delighted to welcome you to May's cannabis brief. The format has been changed to consolidate country information together: we expect you enjoy it and appreciate your feedback. In May we are seeing contradictory signals, with the beginning of the formal process of rescheduling in the US coinciding with proposed amendments to close loopholes of the farm bill. Key...

April 2024 Brief

April has been a monumental month for cannabis worldwide, with the DEA endorsing rescheduling and a surge in enrolment in Germany after legalisation. Other interesting news from last month include: Australian regulator pledges to increase testing on imported products. Argentina wants to tighten patient registry conditions. Permits for over 2,500ha already awarded this year in Morocco. New Zealand medical market...

March 2024 Brief

Cannabis is now legal in Germany! Biden and Trudeau endorse timid cannabis reform in the US and Canada, while the Israeli protectionist trend reaches Australia. Demand accelerates in Australia, Germany and Poland. New wave of market consolidation and M&A in Israel, Canada and the UK. Morocco has completed its first legal harvest, new products are registered in Portugal, and Swiss recreational pilot projects with 15,000 users anounce initial results. Reviews address contaminant control in greenhouse cultivation. We hope you enjoy...