Unlocking the Future of CBD in France: Consumer Insights and Market Prospects

An image representing cannabis in France

The CBD market in France is at a pivotal juncture. Recent political developments have cast uncertainty over cannabis reform, yet the country’s high consumer demand for CBD suggests a bright future for the industry. France has emerged as the largest CBD market in Europe, with over 10% of adults and up to 18% of young […]

Medical Cannabis Supply in Italy: Sales Dropped in 2023 for the First Time

A composition representing cannabis in Italy

Medical cannabis in Italy has reached a pivotal moment. Despite being a pioneer in the European medical cannabis landscape, Italy’s market has seen a decline in sales in 2023 for the first time in a decade. This article delves into the realities and challenges facing the Italian medical cannabis sector, exploring the reasons behind the […]

Uruguay’s Export-Led Cannabis Industry: Trade Forges New Frontiers

Since becoming the first nation to legalise cannabis in 2013, Uruguay has witnessed significant growth in its cannabis industry. By 2023, the Oriental Republic celebrated its sixth consecutive year of cannabis exports, amassing over USD 27 million in revenue. With more than 100 active companies in the field, Uruguay’s cannabis expansion is driven by both […]

Trends of Cannabis Supply in Germany: 31 tonnes imported in 2023

Cannabis in Germany

Germany, a pivotal player in the European Union, finds itself at the forefront of cannabis regulatory reform. Recent developments signal a transformative shift in the country’s approach to cannabis importation and legalization. In this thorough analysis, we delve into the nuanced dynamics of Germany’s cannabis import trends, deciphering their implications for forthcoming legal reforms and […]

Clinics Drive Exponential Growth in the UK’s Medical Cannabis Market

The UK medical cannabis market has experienced remarkable growth, with over 120,000 privately prescribed items in 2022 alone. This article delves into the factors driving this growth, including the thriving private clinic sector, improved affordability, and diverse product offerings. It also provides a comparative analysis with European models and discusses future trends and opportunities. With […]

Cannabis for war veterans? PTSD in medical cannabis access schemes

Ukraine made the headlines in July 2023 with the announcement of medical cannabis legalisation, in a move with the stated goal to cope with the psychological long-lasting effects of war, and trauma of combat veterans in particular. Today at Cannamonitor we are discussing the body of evidence regarding the use of cannabis for PTSD, as well […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the German model of legalisation

An update by the German Health and Agriculture Ministers on the key points of cannabis legalisation has left a bittersweet aftertaste for many cannabis industry stakeholders.  Plans of a nation-wide, fully regulated market announced in October have been watered down to a strong decriminalisation model with home-growing and clubs, to be unfolded immediately, and regional scientific […]